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Pre-1600 Sternhold & Hopkins Psalter Leaf $79


Psalter Hymnal Leaf

Prior to Isaac Watts popularizing the hymnal in the early 1700s, the Christian churches typically only sang the Psalms (a practice called “exclusive Psalmody,” still seen in some Presbyterian churches today). Sternhold & Hopkins published these collections of the Psalms, with their wording adjusted or “set to meter” to be more easily sung, and with selected Psalms featuring full musical notation: the five-line musical stave and diamond-shaped musical notes. These Psalters were usually bound into the back of Geneva Bibles of the late 1500s and also King James Bibles of the early 1600s.

Here, we have selected only those Psalter pages that feature the full musical notation of five-line staves & diamond-shaped musical notes, taken from Psalter that are “pre-1600” (printed in the 1500s). These are standard quarto size (about 6.5 x 8.5 inches), 100% cotton, psalter-hymnal pages that are well over 420 years old, and which spent the past four centuries bound into the back of a Geneva Bible and sung from by countless generations.

If you love music or you know someone who loves music, these are amazingly thoughtful and unique gifts. Your Music Minister, Choir Leader, Music Teacher, Music Student, Pianist, Organist, Vocalist, Band Member, Worship Leader… all would be thrilled to receive one of these ancient musical treasures.

This is scripture and sheet music printed in the 1500’s! Each comes with a signed authenticity certification, just like all our Bible leaves. A choice of specific Psalms is not available, but you will receive a collection of Psalms, which do include some musical notation, as shown in the sample photos.

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1 – Quatro Psalter Leaf $79, 5 – Quarto Psalter Psalter $119