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Ten Leaves from one of the earliest printings of the famous Geneva Bible: printed between the 1560s and 1644 … these leaves are over 370 years old. They come with a beautiful Historical Brochure & Certificate of Authenticity. The Geneva Bible (also known as the “Breeches” Bible) was the Bible of the Protestant Reformation. It was produced more than 50 years before the King James Bible, and it remained the most popular English language Bible among the people until decades after the introduction of the King James Bible.

King James Quarto Leaves

Ten Leaves from one of the earliest printings of the original King James Bible: printed between 1614 and 1649 in England… these leaves are well over 360 years old. They each come with a beautiful eight-page Historical Brochure containing a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the founder of the World Bible Society. The King James Bible remains the greatest book in the English language and the best-selling book of all time. It is the only book with over one billion copies in print, and this leaf is from one of the first several thousand to be printed.

Whether framed and displayed in your home or given as a wonderfully unique gift, these ancient Bible leaves will draw attention.


: $99 – a pack of 10 random leaves with ten certificates

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ITEM # KJQ-10: $99 – a pack of  10 random Old Testament leaves with ten certificates

A GREAT idea for wedding party gifts, Christmas gift lists, fund-raising, etc.


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Pack of 10 Random Geneva Bible Leaves – $99, Pack of 10 Random King James Leaves – $99