1787 King James Bible


  • Version: King James Bibles
  • Age Range: 1700 to 1799
  • Size Range: Huge Pulpit Folios (15”-18”+ Tall)
  • Appraisal Value: $10k
  • OT Title Page: No Date
  • NT Title Page: No Date
  • Place of Printing: England & Europe
  • Actual Size: 17 x 12 x 4″
  • Font: Roman
  • Other Features: 51 Beautiful Engravings, End Papers: Marble, Full Calf Leather Binding


The King James version of the Bible is the only book that can claim one billion (one thousand million) copies in-print. It was the official Bible of the Church of England – the “Anglican Church” – for almost four centuries. The 1611 King James Bible was a revision of the 1568 Bishops Bible, which was a revision of the 1539 Great Bible of King Henry VIII. It remains the most well-known, and most loved translation of the Bible unto this day. The printings of the King James Bible produced in the 1600’s and early 1700’s are so strikingly different than the “King James Version” Bibles being published in modern times, it is a wonderful re-capturing of our Christian heritage to actually own one of the precious ancient copies that were among the first to come off a press.

Imagine… having a genuine original ancient King James Bible as a family heirloom or display item for your home.