1551 Tyndale – 55 Line Matthew’s Version


1551 Matthew – Tyndale 55 Line

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1551 Matthew’s Version 55 Line

This leaf is from the 1551 printing of Tyndale’s “Matthews Bible.” The pseudonym “Thomas Matthews” is commonly thought to have referred to John Rodgers, the editor and publisher of this Bible and a close friend of William Tyndale. The assumed name was used because anyone printing Tyndale’s material at the time risked death at the stake. It is likely that “Thomas Matthew” was actually an alias of William Tyndale himself.

Closely agrees with the Raynalde and Hyll’s Bible of 1549. Printed in double columns, with 55 lines to the full column. Contents before the chapters, and notes at the end of many; references and notes in the margins; prologues and some books.


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